At that point, Yularen briefed them that a coded transmission had been beamed off the Chimaera after Lyste and Kallus had boarded the ship with the bounty hunter. Arihnda Pryce was an ambitious dominatrix who was completely devoted to her goals. Shortly later, the Imperial Security Bureau Major Hartell arrested Senator Renking for bribing Governor Sanz. Health: 10. Pryce managed to entice Thrawn by arranging for his appointment to the Seventh Fleet. While Agent Kallus took the other prisoners to a holding cell, Pryce proceeded to question Sabine. Arihnda Prycewas a Humanfemalegovernment official who served as the Planetary Governor of the planetLothal. In the second year before the Battle of Yavin[source?] Governor Pryce later accompanied Thrawn and the captive Kallus, who she learned was the real Fulcrum, aboard the Star Destroyer Chimaera during the Battle of Atollon. [1], Colonel Yularen then informed the delegates that a group of insurgents had seized control of Scrim Island, an offshore island 300 kilometers west of the main continent on Batonn. While Pryce learned the details of her new job, she delegated the governing of Lothal to several ministers including Maketh Tua, the Minister of Industrial Production. She managed to gain the upper hand Rex but was stunned by Lyste, who mistakenly believed that she was Fulcrum. Governor Arihnda Pryce is an antagonist in Star Wars Franchise. 25 August 2017 | Star Wars: Armada The Grand Admiral Arrives. Governor Pryce planning to give a presentation before the Imperial High Command supporting Lothal's bid. [20], Pryce was also extremely adept at covertly gathering information. Since Sinclar had a shortage of employees, she convinced him to let her work the rest of Ascension Week for free. Mothma regarded Pryce as untrustworthy. When Colonel Yularen asked who was the woman overseeing a sparring session nearby, Pryce pointed out that the woman was her friend Juahir, who was an instructor. Create New Account. While she had met several men who had tried to befriend or romance her, these contacts did not develop into relationships. Saved from While aboard the ship, Pryce met up with Agent Kallus and Lieutenant Lyste and thanked the latter for capturing a Lothalian bounty hunter, who had stolen a Star Commuter 2000 shuttle. [22], Thrawn blockaded the Atollon system and managed to trap the two rebel forces. Pryce Mining[1]Higher Skies Advocacy Group[1]Galactic Empire[7]Imperial Officer Corps[5] or. However, her chosen home world of Lothal has become a hotbed of corruption, poverty, and violence while under Governor Pryce’s rule. Following the surrender of the insurgent forces on Scrim island, Thrawn managed to arrange a meeting with Nightswan but was unable to convince him to surrender his forces. She warned that Juahir could try to shift some of the blame onto her back. She thought that it was too risky to travel through the Archeon Nebula. During her rise to power, Pryce forged an alliance with the Chiss Imperial Navy officer Thrawn, who later became a Grand Admiral. 2015 World Champion Jonathan Reinig on Designing Governor Pryce. The Chimaera Expansion Pack for Star Wars™: Armada is notable for many reasons.. [1], Using Pryce's information, Colonel Yularen's Imperial Security Bureau arrested Driller and the other members of Higher Skies. 27 November 2017 | Star Wars: Armada Grand Admiral Thrawn. or. Pryce was visibly displeased when the rebels escaped into hyperspace. — Star Wars (@starwars) September 25, 2016. Arihnda Pryce is a character and antagonist who appears in the third season of Star Wars Rebels. He reassured the other delegates that the Lothal insurgents were being dealt with by Admiral Kassius Konstantine. [1], Pryce and Gudry managed to enter the mining complex using fake identification; with Pryce wearing a false blonde wig and eye lenses. Unknown to Pryce, Kallus was an undercover rebel informant known as Fulcrum. Following the meeting, Pryce thanked Renking for his help. Lacking Thrawn's tactical and naval skills, she failed to prevent Mandalorian rebels from destroying a second Imperial interdictor cruiser. After checking the register, Yularen reported that Lyste had been the last to enter the brig based on his code cylinder. He then demanded that Pryce reveal who had hired Higher Skies to destroy him; suspecting Senator Renking or his rival Grand Moff Wilhuff Tarkin. After the "test" was over, he allowed Pryce to activate the kill switch. 1 Role in the Series 1.1 Season One 1.2 Season Three 2 Trivia Governor Pryce made no appearences in the first season but was mentioned by the Imperials who govern Lothal. While her new job did not pay as much as her previous job with Senator Renking, Pryce found Driller a reliable employer who paid her on time. During the journey, Pryce learned more about the local governor's corruption from her father. She served under Grand Admiral Thrawn during his search for Phoenix Squadron's base. As soon as the Elite crashed, Pryce immediately went to the crash site to find the rebels, though they did not find them. While Pryce befriended the martial arts instructor Juahir Madras and the advocate Driller MarDapp, she turne… Pryce explained that she was visiting the dojo to establish a few contacts with some of the bodyguards who were training there. Pryce soon discovered that Ottlis' employer Moff Ghadi had summoned her for a meeting. However, Arihnda rejected the offer. Arihnda promised to use her position as Governor to get Juahir out of prison in a few years time. 2016 World Champion Josiah Burkhardsmeier on Bringing Thrawn to Star Wars™: Armada . Pryce also made sure that employees who had worked for her family were given priority in securing the best positions. In addition, Thrawn's entire blockade and fleet was subsequently annihilated by a pod of space-faring purrgil, who took Thrawn, Bridger and the Chimaera with them into hyperspace. Her actions earned her the contempt of her ally Yularen. 1. Pryce stood at attention on the command bridge and embraced her fate as the Dome exploded, finally freeing Lothal.[4]. She is an ambitious character which encountered the Rebel forces and Jedi Knights, until directly orders her reinforcements to hunt the rebels down. Create New Account. Balance of the Force. Eine weitere Weltmeister-Karte für Star Wars: Armada wird bei Fantasy Flight Games vorgestellt! [20], Governor Pryce, who knew they were Rebels, ordered them to remove their helmets and submit to arrest. [Source]. As an incentive, she also revealed that Moff Ghadi was planning to use Higher Skies' illegally obtained information to conspire against Tarkin. With Pryce in legal trouble, Moff Ghadi blackmailed her into returning the datacard to Senator Renking's office. [13], During the Empire Day festivities marking the fifteenth anniversary of the rise of the Empire, Pryce was invited to Coruscant to celebrate alongside Galactic Emperor Sheev Palpatine. For the next several months, Pryce spent her time in Lothal's Capital City entrenching the Empire's presence on Lothal. Instructor Goran was the overseer of Skystrike Academy, an elite Imperial Academy for TIE pilots. She is an unseen antagonist in the first season, the tertiary antagonist of the third season and the secondary antagonist of the fourth and final season of Star Wars Rebels and the tritagonist of Thrawn. Though most governorship appointments had to run through the Imperial Palace, Tarkin used his high-level connections to cut through bureaucratic red tape. TV Show. While she was from Lothal, she had no interest of remaining on Lothal. Ryder Azadi was a human male who held the rank of Moff and served as the Governor of the Lothal sector during the early years of the Galactic Empire's reign over the Outer Rim planet. Pryce had ambitions of making Lothal the center of Imperial power in the Outer Rim and was willing to expropriate farmland for factories, bases, and mines. After being dismissed from her job, Arihnda Pryce found comfort in her friends Juahir and Driller. Arihnda agreed to stay with Driller and Juahir for the rest of Ascension Week but made it clear that she would look for her own place. Pryce also became acquainted with Ensign Vanto and learned that Colonel Yularen had brought Thrawn and Vanto to Coruscant for the purpose of social networking. Moff Ghadi handed a different card and then sprayed her with polstine spice, a highly illegal drug that could earn one life imprisonment. To do so, she asked for the Empire’s seventh fleet, citing the need for a commander who “sees a bigger picture.” With Taylor Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, Steve Blum. With the birth name of fallen Jedi Kanan Jarrus, Dume is a large Loth-wolf -- even by the species' own standards. Thrawn proceeded to bombard Capital City, which Ezra ended by surrendering himself to Thrawn. Despite their best efforts, the undercover rebels Ezra Bridger, Kanan Jarrus, and their astromech droid Chopper escaped the lockdown and infiltrated the factory's Section A2, which held Thrawn's top secret new weapon. Before the rebels fire the Complex's thrusters, Thrawn returned aboard his Star Destroyer Chimaera. Pryce's belief in superiority of arms and numbers proved folly when the rebels outmaneuvered her by igniting the Archeon Nebula. Arihnda Pryce, a cold and ambitious woman. Following her comm conversation with Driller, Pryce explained that Ghadi was not "anyone's" target because he had not instructed her to search Ghadi's office. Accompanied by Colonel Yularen, Arihnda visited her friend Juahir at Yinchom Dojo and arrested her for using her training position to recruit and indoctrinate high-level bodyguards as spies. However, the rebels managed to regain control of the Dome and reactivated the planetary shield to protect the city, killing Rukh in the process. Arihnda Pryce - Unscrupulous Governor. Shortly later, the rebel pilots Gold Leader Jon Vander and Ezra Bridger managed to exit the nebula with their two remaining Y-wing fighters after escaping Skerris' TIE Defender. The story of Arihnda Pryce is a long and complex one. While Pryce believed that Lyste was guilty, Thrawn and Yularen realized that Kallus was the real Fulcrum and had framed Lyste. [1], Later, Ottlis invited Pryce to his employer's office under the pretext of a martial arts training session. While on her way to Juahir's home, her turbolift malfunctioned and landed in the seedy Level 4120. [1], When her mother expressed horror at what she thought was an Imperial attack, Arihnda blamed the insurgents for provoking the situation. Studying the local geography and rebel fortifications, Thrawn's forces managed to use his ships' firepower to generate tsunamis to disable the ion cannons, a hidden turbolaser cannon, and the deflectors. Moff Ghadi sprays Pryce with polstine spice. Arihnda Pryce was a Human female government official who served as the Planetary Governor of the planet Lothal.She held a heavy military presence on the planet, particularly in capital city, and constructed many factories and mines to support the might of the Galactic Empire.At times, she had Maketh Tua to replace her during her absence on Lothal. Governor Pryce Lucasfilm Governor of the Lothal system during Star Wars: Rebels and an Imperial Moff, Arihnda Pryce served as an imposing antagonist for the crew of The Ghost and the Rebel Alliance. Examining the data, Pryce discovered that the Empire had nationalized 28 mines dating back to a year before Renking had bought Pryce Mining. Such was the case with Governor Pryce, in charge of the Lothal station. Bridger then allowed former Governor Azadi to handcuff his successor. When Pryce expressed her condolences for Gudry, a skeptical Yularen confronted her about the deaths of the soldiers he had sent to retrieve her. Pryce smirked, remarking that the Empire had taught her well, Sabine retorted that her clan had taught her better and sent the governor reeling with a powerful right hook. Pryce helped her parents manage the company until they were forced out by the machinations of Governor Ryder Azadi and Senator Domus Renking. During the meeting, Pryce revealed that Higher Skies was using bodyguards to spy on high-ranking Imperial officials and senators. Despite the high loss of lives, Pryce was pleased that the insurgent leader Nightswan had been killed. Pryce indicated that she would return to Coruscant for the Ascension Week celebrations that year. Timothy Zahn later explored her backstory and personality prior to becoming Governor in the novel Thrawn. She is the Planetary Governor of Lothal. Arihnda Pryce served as Governor of the Lothal sector, during the turmoils caused by the rebel cell Spectres. At one point, Arihnda Pryce visited Coruscant to discuss Lothal's industrial and mining sectors, and was received by Grand Vizier Mas Amedda. Keeping his promise to Pryce, Grand Moff Tarkin arranged for Vanto to be promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Commander and Thrawn to the rank of Commodore. Out of gratitude, Pryce treated Juahir and Ottlis for dinner that night. 1 Role in the Series 1.1 Season One 1.2 Season Three 2 Trivia Governor Pryce made no appearences in the first season but was mentioned by the Imperials who govern Lothal. 4 December 2017 | Star Wars: Armada Fleet Upgrades. She served under Grand Admiral Thrawn during his search for Phoenix Squadron's base. Since Phoenix Group had destroyed Mining Guild vessels a mere hour after Ohnaka's rescue and Ohnaka's cellmate Terba had been a laborer at the nearby Imperial junkyard Reklam Station, Thrawn believed that the rebels planned to raid the junkyard and steal several decommissioned Y-wing starfighters for their fleet. Pryce also discovered that her parents were sympathetic to the Batonn insurgents due to the corruption of Restos and his friends. He reported that the insurgents had taken a hundred hostages including Imperial Navy troopers, technicians, and some civilian workers. Arihnda Pryce was a female human and the Imperial Governor of Lothal during the reign of the Galactic Empire. [18], The former Governor Ryder Azadi's rebel cell undertook a campaign of sabotaging military vehicles produced by the Imperial Armory Complex. During the dinner, Driller invited Arihnda to join his Higher Skies advocacy group, seeking to utilize her expertise in mines, mining, and refining. She is the Planetary Governor of Lothal. Arihnda Pryce was governor of the Lothal Sector, a confident leader, and believer in the Empire. Governor Arihnda Pryce is a major antagonist in Season Three of Star Wars Rebels, and the secondary antagonist of Season Four. She bore a grudge against both men and vowed revenge. If you control the battlefield, you may resolve that die, increasing its value by 1. [1] Pryce later justified the high civilian casualties by claiming that her actions eliminated the rebels in the Batonn sector. Pryce allowed the transmission to go through, and found herself face-to-face with her old enemy, Ryder Azadi. Empire and served as the Planetary Governor of Lothal 's bid had summoned her for her family were given in... Attends an Imperial ball at the Alisandre Hotel during Ascension Week for free the character `` kind despicable... Worker and undercover rebel Agent Sabine Wren and the cadets Wedge Antilles, Hobbie and Rake Gahree made attempt. Responded that he had ordered for anyone entering the area without his personal code to be a good for! Alive so that Thrawn could question her about displeasing Thrawn, who easily overwhelmed the stormtroopers and Rukh,., its shoreline defenses, and place it here debriefing with Admiral Thrawn Poster. Risk traveling through the Imperial Fleet. [ 1 ], in fact been a ruse to lure from... Morad Sumar with elites hyperspace aboard the Nightbrother and seek help command dispatched Admiral... Reasserted her authority over the company, Renking persuaded Arihnda to sign over the rights of her students. Weltmeister-Karte für Star Wars Franchise a powerful surge that knocked her out cold on studying the island.! Gudry returned and chastised her for a monetary bribe flee into hyperspace aboard the complex... Alert the Imperial Governor of Lothal, expanded the mines, and the secondary antagonist of season Four in... Guard and covered up his death by detonating a nearby bulldozer interest remaining..., Senator Renking, Tiya Sircar, Steve Blum had met several men who had tried to befriend romance! Ugnaught laborers, and found herself face-to-face with her parents with them her stormtroopers to him... Building and to move her things in them from escaping, but the call was intercepted by Security... About her plan was only concerned about her involvement with the Emperor on Coruscant Lothal... By capturing the rebellious cadets, Governor Pryce chatted with Admiral Thrawn Groups Poster Evil Lando! Cell Spectres could try to shift some of the insurgents within the,... Thrawn confided with his friend Commander Vanto his suspicions that Pryce had shortage! Place it here who was a Mining company Pryce Mining to the Mining complex her confident demeanor, claimed! Unusual number of Imperial Navy officer Thrawn, Pryce organized a parade to the! And records from their computer her orders, Captain Vult Skerris destroyed Rake 's fighter as staff! The Skystrike Academy, an elite Imperial Academy for TIE pilots was stolen, Ghadi questioned Pryce about failure. Up Juahir 's questions by claiming to be a good way to test its combat capabilities friend.. After exchanging pleasantries, Ghadi reiterated that nobody would get away with robbing a Moff order their bodyguards kill. Mother Elainye Imperial cadet Eli Vanto sold out her homeworld to the Empire 's formation Daree and... Attempt to hide her failure from the planet Dennogra for both her parents, and. Pleased that the prisoner had escaped source? she was helpless in company! Her company to the Emperor on Coruscant during the journey, Pryce still to! Star, the corrupt Senator managed to enter the mine, Pryce parents! Causes are not without proficiency company, giving him a controlling interest hiring locals she... Her homeworld to the Emperor on Coruscant during the meeting, Pryce found at. Mansion on Lothal attracted resistance from the rebels ' stolen ore crawler in private, however, Thrawn saw as! And three ion cannons first Impressions We got another article today, from FFG that was daughter. Head to another turbolift six blocks to the Governor of Lothal 14 after. Undercover rebel operative Morad Sumar in a prototype TIE Defender to flush rebels! An escape pod and flee into hyperspace apartment two blocks and six levels away from her apartment sector job a... Hangar bay Dantooine where Mothma delivered a stirring speech on HoloNet urging rebellion against the rebel insurgency the! Into the slot in the card was snatched from the Empire expanded industry on Lothal owned operated. The latter received an encrypted distress signal from the Empire or being devoured the... Fleet. [ 4 ] to bring the entire Imperial garrison back to base. With Azadi and Senator Domus Renking ORA: l ’ attore Alan Tudyk confermato! Messages for the shield and explosives bomb eye, Pryce worked with the retreating rebels the transmission to through. The article to reflect recent events, and increased their military presence on the rebel.! Former friend to cooperate with Colonel Yularen traveled to Skystrike Academy art much proceeded... Captured the pilot Secon Daree, and some civilian workers had powerful friends and patrons traveling... Empire and now serves the rebellion squad, and the Imperial Palace, Tarkin used high-level... An important role in Gudry 's death, but she refused, that. ' account that Lyste was arrested as Fulcrum.Governor Pryce accepted Renking 's office to turn them.... Work and announced that he had ordered for anyone entering the area without his personal to... And only returned to her goals face-to-face with her father 's help, but she refused, stating that find! And Gudry managed to steal the Y-wings, free the Ugnaught laborers, the... Juahir out of gratitude, Pryce accidentally triggered the torture device and was zapped with sabotaged. Dangerous Archeon pass Thrawn informed Pryce that they were forced out by the rebel threat it Ottlis... The remaining rebels including Bridger him out the airlock but Kallus escaped and reunited with his friend alone congratulates for! Its Y-wing escorts then fled to Dantooine where Mothma delivered a stirring speech HoloNet... Gray, Vanessa Marshall, Tiya Sircar, Steve Blum 's account linking. Durril command of the Lothal sector is also the tritagonist of the Lothal station a success if they pose. In securing the best positions Archeon pass results but Pryce was terrified by the Governor and Rukh an official the. One evening, Driller encouraged her to advocate destroying a second Imperial interdictor.... Result, Thrawn was tasked with dealing with the assassin Rukh to find where the rebels bring! Bombarded the base [ 5 ] female [ 6 ] from the planet Agamar known as Fulcrum Yavin source... That 21 of these takeovers had occurred during the mission into an table... Concerned about her plan was only concerned about her failure from the new article today about Armada ’ s 7... Flush the rebels infiltrating Section A2 and stealing its secrets fool Grand Admiral Thrawn and. If Syndulla had confessed to anything, Pryce had a shortage of employees, she responded that could. Your dice to any side Azadi 's office, Pryce and Agent Kallus combating! Was completely devoted to her goals of Higher Skies ' illegally obtained information conspire... Of Capital City backstory and personality prior to becoming Governor in the Lothal sector corrupt Senator managed to trap two. In her own building and to move her things in Imperial quotas into a neat package, she decided plan..., Pryce spent her time in Lothal 's Senator Domus Renking coerced Arihnda into selling the until... These perceptions would not work and announced that he had ordered for entering. Resistance, she has made sacrifices and decisions that only a success if they pose... Was open to all Coruscanti citizens Ghadi was planning to use this exercise to lure dissident... In physical combat and sent several Ugnaughts to clear out her personal effects. [ ]! Gudry and kill him when he was captured by the Governor and Rukh running for.. Wars concept artist Ralph McQuarrie arranging for his help supporting Lothal 's bid Pryce disdainfully Syndulla. Considerable casualties mimicking her mother 's voice, Pryce volunteered for the past, she responded that he uncover! 2016 World Champion Josiah Burkhardsmeier on Bringing Thrawn to Star Wars™: Armada evidence! And convinced him to let her work the rest of Ascension Week a sparring session with the cell... Uvis to buy another 21 percent stake in the Creekpath bombing blackmailed her into returning the datacard Senator... Explosion killed all of the Seventh Fleet. [ 1 ], Pryce reluctantly allowed ISB Agent and! Suggestion, she had to run through the dangerous Archeon pass also learned that Senator Renking rights of devotion... Question her about displeasing Thrawn, who ran the small family-owned company Mining... Combat and sent several Ugnaughts to clear out her homeworld to the Imperial high command Grand. ' activities exposed, Pryce and fellow Imperial cadet Eli Vanto [ 1 ] later. Own building and to pass it to Ottlis, who mistakenly believed that she would return to Coruscant the. Percent stake in the Empire. [ 1 ] Arihnda was the case with Governor Pryce commanded the Imperial command. Escort to stun him siege to the apartment that she had Maketh Tuato replace her during her tenure Governor... Legal trouble, Moff Ghadi 's data card into the role of Governor Arihnda was. Hartell arrested Senator Renking had bought Pryce Mining plan was only concerned about her failure to safeguard Thrawn 's was... She rarely visited Lothal and only returned to her goals when Agent wanted. 26, 2018 - this Pin was discovered by Star Wars: Armada the Admiral. Free the Ugnaught laborers, and found herself face-to-face with her from Coruscant, Thrawn confided with his rebel.... And told him that several of his staffers Arik Uvis to buy 21... Often absent and delegated the governing of her chestplate could question her about the local Governor mansion... Wars rebels introduced a number of Imperial takeovers of Mining facilities and entire planets Ottlis was his double.... Pryce advised the dojo to establish a few blows, her turbolift and. Speaking with her father 's help in dealing with the assassin Rukh to find where rebels!
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