Like why was Ned so upset at Bode? !” When I was a kid, my conservative father got me the best-selling book “The O’Reilly Factor For Kids,” and in a rare act of teenage rebellion, I burned it in a bonfire with some of my friends. A wholly unremarkable outing. Just threw on Alessia Cara - Here ^.^ Just messing around. But, no. Mike burning a Bill O’Reilly book on the other hand, sounds way more interesting and entertaining than this stinker two-parter. Instead, their showdown in church is interrupted by a musical number from Lisa about how much she loves Bode, more fluff to pad the runtime out. They scratch the surface of what Ned’s gripes are, but he and Bode never have much of a back-and-forth that amounts to anything interesting. The second thing I did like dealt with Marge being upset with the banners she made being used for a 10 second joke. Tune in for “Where the Bart-Fullo Roam”, where Homer caves in and buys Bart a buffalo named Matt, Lisa protests, and Marge strains her poor voice again while Disney tries to make Hudson x Maggie work! ( Log Out /  I guess? When the congregation learns of his crime, they must decide whether to banish their new priest. Seeing the tepid jokes on display here on the subject (product placement in the stadium, the preacher being at the ready with a go bag of cash), it couldn’t be clearer how this thirty-one-year old show has been totally left in the dust by its sharper contemporaries. Season 31 has truly toppled Season 28 as the most abysmal of Simpsons seasons. Why was this a story that warranted two parts? © 2021 Wikisimpsons. Both parts of “Who Shot Mr. Burns?” are chock full of set-ups and pay-offs, great character stuff, the building and unraveling of a mystery, and laughs, laughs and more laughs. Re: The Simpsons - Warrin' Priests (Parts I & II) « Reply #141 on: October 16, 2020, 12:50:14 PM » Decided to validate the colossal boobery of this "discussion" by watching a handful of randomly picked episodes from the last few seasons of the show. In a couch gag named, "Planet of the Couches", the Simpsons are being chased by couches through a field, until they are caught and imprisoned. Lisa’s Wiccan friends? Did I miss a scene where Ned challenged Bode to a duel in his home at a certain time? Which is very, very sad. Why would the townspeople, who at the start of part one couldn’t get the hell out of church fast enough, care so deeply now about burning a Bible? Homer then grabs a rock and slams it on the couch, making it unconscious. Is it just because the writers keep forgetting that there’s more to Christianity than the staunch Fundamentalists these days, or do they just not care? It originally aired on May 3, 2020. – One bonus tidbit: balking at Bode’s Bible burning, Lisa comments, “Why couldn’t you have burned one of Bill O’Reilly’s books? Marge trying not give hope to Lisa… Man, She really wants to destroy Lisa’s dreams. Find out SUNDAY…Sunday…Sunday…on FOX. As mentioned for part one, for all of the sermonizing Pete Holmes does in both of these episodes, I honestly don’t know what the point of all of this was. Yes, I endured “West Wing Story”, and I hate them for it. The episode was written by Pete Holmes and directed by Bob Anderson. But their reaction is less disillusionment and betrayal, and more just standard Springfield angry mob stuff (Moe yells out, “We’ve mobbed for less, people!”) Post-trial, Lisa meets with Bode where he finally explains himself: by burning the Bible, he was trying to illustrate how people put too much stock in the literal word and symbolic nature of the Good Book and not the actual message. This marks the series' third two-parter following Season 6 and 7's "Who Shot Mr. All 3 songs featured in The Simpsons season 31 episode 20: Warrin' Priests…, with scene descriptions. "Warrin' Priests: Part Two" is the twentieth episode of season 31 of The Simpsons and the six-hundred and eighty-second episode overall. It just goes to show the writers are too afraid to make any ever lasting changes to the status quo and that’s fucking ridiculous when you are in Season 31! After a brief recap, the entirety of act one is all just repeating information we already know: Bode is a hit with the people of Springfield, Lisa admires him as a wise man of faith, and Lovejoy discovers Bode’s secret in Michigan. And so, Bode just leaves town and the episode is over. Join to talk about the wiki, Simpsons and Tapped Out news, or just to talk to other users. It was only set up during the scene with Bode and Homer at Moe’s so I can’t say I blame you for missing it. It guest stars Pete … The Extremesons" couch gag was animated by Michał Socha and produced by Ron Diamond. In Michigan, Reverend Lovejoy uncovers the reason why Bode left and came to Springfield. Incredible Lightness of Being a Baby" is the 18th episode of the thirty-first season of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons, and the 680th episode overall. Create a free website or blog at The Simpson family sits on the couch. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. and Season 28's "The Great Phatsby". The Simpsons has been trucking along for decades and even though Rick and Morty is still relatively new to the scene, The Simpsons proudly acknowledged their significance with a couch gag where Rick and Morty invade their universe in their typical brand of chaos. I didn’t even have to try, the originality in this show is so painfully removed. All but one of these moments are from the show’s golden era, with the lone outlier being from season 12, an episode that aired almost twenty years ago. Finally, at minute 15 of the episode, Lovejoy returns for the big reveal: as part of a sermon as a young pastor, Bode burned a Bible. And that was the hair raising, spine-tingling conclusion of…whatever this crap was! It’s a freaking book, not a living creature. "Screenless" is the 15th episode of the thirty-first season of the American animated sitcom The Simpsons, and the 677th episode overall. The Simpsons' couch breaks them out, and leads the family to a buried Lard Lad statue. Among the possessions Mr. Burns has are: Not-So-Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, the Wright Flyer, a Mammoth skeleton, Terracotta Army statues, an Egyptian sarcophagus and part of Blarney Castle. The Chinese Proverb relayed by Bode about Heaven and Hell: ... Couch Gag: The Simpson's clothes gather on the couch while off-camera, the Simpsons huddle without their outer clothing. It aired in the United States on Fox on March 8, 2020. An episode-by-episode retrospective of a truly cromulent show. Ladies and gentlemen, that was the spine-tingling conclusion of “Borin’ Priests!” See you all next week for ANOTHER episode where Lisa Simpson makes a new friend voiced by a celebrity!'_Priests_(Part_One)/Gags Three items of note: In the beginning, it made some sense since Marge herself was a tragic character that had hopes and dreams but was forced to settle in to the traditional role of suburban housewife and likely wanted to prepare Lisa for a similar fate, but as the years have gone by, you’d think they would be more open minded given that Lisa is their favorite character to write for due to her being the vessel for their political and ethical views and America’s social climate have made women more influential than ever.
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